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For the best dance education results, regular class attendance is important.  If, however, a student does need to be absent, attendance at another class to make-up within 4 weeks is encouraged.  Please call ahead to reserve a make-up time.  Make-ups are available when space permits.  We do not prorate, refund or credit forward for classes unattended.

Because there are months during the year which have five weeks and no additional charge is made, full tuition is expected during months which include a holiday.  As a courtesy, when a class is missed due to a holiday, we invite you to take advantage of our make-up policy.

When a student enrolls, his/her place in class is reserved for the year.  If the student wishes to withdraw for class, please notify the school so we can fill that place in class with someone on our waiting list.

Proper dancewear is required in all classes. Unnecessary jewelry will not be permitted.

  • Ballet
    Black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes.  Hair is to be worn up in a bun.
  • Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical
    Any color dancewear.  Hair secured neatly away from the face.  Jazz sneakers only with teacher approval.
  • Pre-dance and Combination
    Any color of leotard, tights and shoes.


To insure the best opportunity for each student to receive the greatest dance education benefits, we expect all Dance Academy students to adhere to its rules and regulations and to behave throughout the school in a disciplined, responsible and courteous manner.  Our students are expected to treat each other and the school faculty and staff with respect.

Please arrive on time as every minute of each class is of value.  It is also disruptive to the class when students arrive late.  If the student is early, please be prepared to wait in the reception area and enter the classroom when invited by the teacher.

Please visit the restroom before class.

No food or drinks in the studio area.  No gum anywhere.

Come to class in dance attire – including shoes.  If you come to class in inappropriate clothing or street shoes, you will be asked to watch class instead of participating.

Be prepared to fully concentrate on the lesson during class time.  Visit your friends before and after class, but not during.

Practice during the week so you will come to class prepared to briefly review and then move on to learning something new.

Do not compare yourself to others in class.  However, watch carefully while your classmates are going across the floor or presenting a combination in the center.  You will benefit from corrections given to them thereby improving your own dance technique.

If you are not in class (for whatever reason) you are not learning.  Good attendance habits are vital not only in learning your recital dance, but also for technical preparation for promotion to the next level of your curriculum. 

Offensive language and/or behavior will not be tolerated.

Use of cell phones is not permitted in the classroom.

The annual student recital will be presented at the end of the dance year.  Every effort is made to make this performance as professional as possible.  Costumes must be ordered soon after the winter break to be assured of their arrival in time.  We like to keep the cost of the costumes down as much as possible.  Last year the costumes ran $65-80.  Payment is prepaid with the order, so the costume fee will need to be made to the studio in early January.

Our students work very hard during the year developing their dance technique.  The June production is an exciting and rewarding accumulation of a year of dedicated hard work.  Achieving the best performance results requires an observance of certain responsibilities.  Below is some important information to consider before committing to participation in the performance.

  • Attendance – All class members are required to attend all performances in which the class will be participating.  Since the rehearsals are our only opportunity to rehearse on the stage, attendance is mandatory at rehearsals.
  • Food – No food or drinks are allowed in the theatre at any time.
  • DVDs – Professional DVDs will be available to purchase.  Under no circumstances will personal taping be permitted at any of the performances or rehearsals.
Detailed performance information will follow at a later date.


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